An open-source platform connecting local producers with local consumers

Albin Ponnert was involved in the creation of a platform called LOCAL FOOD NODES in Sweden, to connect local producers with local consumers.

Producers can create their own online stores and conclude transactions online. The platform is available worldwide, in 9 languages, and is completely free to use.
The goal is to promote local food and to regain control of what we eat and the way our food is produced.

The result is an open-source digital tool where producers offer their products for sale, local consumers order the things they want, and payments go direct from consumer to producer. The delivery and distribution of products takes place at a pre-determined place and time. This is called a ‘node’ – the location where consumers and producers meet. This type of arrangement allows producers to deliver to several consumers at the same time, and similarly consumers can purchase food from a number of different producers.

The platform operates a donation system to help create and co-finance a new model for local food production and distribution.

In a nutshell

We create nodes to connect local producers with local consumers and strengthen existing relationships. We’re trying to facilitate direct transactions and resilient communities, and to take back control over what we eat and how our food is produced; to promote local food.

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