An open source platform connecting producers and consumers of local products

Albin Ponnert is the co-founder of a platform called LOCAL FOOD NODES to connect local food producers to local food consumers. Each producer gets their own web shop and is able to make direct transactions. The platform is free of charge, available and operational all over the world in 9 languages.

The objective is to to make food local again, to regain control over what we eat and how it is produced.

The result of this desire is an open digital tool where food producers present their food, local consumers order what they like and payments go straight from consumer to producer. Deliveries and pick up of food take place at a predetermined place and time, this is called a node, this is the physical location where the consumers and producers meet. This type of organization enables producers to deliver to multiple consumers at the same time while consumers can pick up food from many different producers.

Local Food Nodes also creates an open and collaborative crowdfunding tool to enable increased future food production, a healthier agricultural system and to relocalize economic activity.

By using the platform and supporting the project you can help co-create and co-finance a new model for local food production and distribution. Yearly membership fees, that all consumers self-determine the size of, will help make it just as useful as we, together, choose it to be.


En quelques mots

We are creating local food nodes in order to connect local food producers to local food consumers as well as strengthening those relationships that already exist. We want to enable direct transactions, resilient communities and regain control over what we eat and how it is produced. A desire to make food local again.

– Mise en relation de l’offre et de la demande

– plateforme numérique


– agir en faveur d’une alimentation locale

– reprendre le contrôle de son alimentation et de sa production

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