A la ferme de Marie-Jeanne, Marie-Jeanne utilise la plateforme Coclicaux  - CO-livraison en un CLIC entre acteurs locAUX -basée à Saint-Brieuc et créée par Nicolas Bonnet pour effectuer des co-livraisons entre producteurs locaux. Andel, mercredi 03 juin 2020.

Coclicaux: a free co-delivery service for food industry professionals

After many years in the Breton agricultural and food industry as a technician, Nicolas Bonnet has seen through these various experiences that a certain number of professionals were encountering difficulties in terms of logistics to guarantee a serene supply to local clients, particularly restaurants.  He has had the idea of offering a service facilitating the interface between the producers and their clients or between the producers themselves.

The Coclicaux co-delivery and co-storage web platform aims to offer a simple and free service to link professionals between them in order to share the storage and/or transport of goods to consumption sites. This approach makes it possible to meet their needs in terms of logistics and to reduce their constraints by sharing costs. Coclicaux is part of a win-win approach that gives producers the opportunity, on the one hand, to optimally pool the storage and transport of their goods to their customers and on the other hand, these professional customers will be able to benefit from this network to buy their goods locally and thus reducing the carbon footprint associated with the movement of these food products.

The Coclicaux service also allows promotion of the producers thanks to an interactive map. Indeed, each producer can make himself known and promote his productions, in particular by mentioning the labels for which he complies with the specifications. The consumption sites (users) also have the contact details of each producer and can thus easily contact them to take orders.

Coclicaux fits perfectly within the scope resulting from the requirements defined by the EGALIM french law (Loi pour l’équilibre des relations commerciales dans le secteur agricole et alimentaire et une alimentation saine, durable et accessible à tous), particularly in terms of collective catering. This legislative framework effectively aims to respond to the growing desire of French society to “eat better”. Therefore, the platform is a real catalogue of quality local supply possibilities.

Thanks to an algorithm, Coclicaux directly links these professionals who can validate or not the co-delivery or the co-storage. 

In return for the service provided, Coclicaux offers remuneration for the delivery or storage carried out by the producer/transporter/storage company (the producer/user pays this remuneration and pays the commission associated with the delivery costs for insurance of the goods transported, maintenance and hosting of the site)


The producer (producer/transporter/stocketeer) offers on the platform the storage location or the route he planned to take, indicating the date, time and what volume he can share.

A professional (producer-user) who needs to store or deliver goods to a client without the availability of a schedule or equipment to ensure storage or delivery, can consult the platform to find out the storage possibilities and the proposed routes that best meet his expectations.

En quelques mots

COCLICAUX, c’est CO-livraison, en un CLIC, entre acteurs LOCAUX !

15 Rue Pré Chesnay 

22000 Saint-Brieuc



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