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Communication and education

Although there’s a lot of interest in eating locally, when it comes to shopping consumers are likely to go for bottom-of-the-range, processed products that are more readily available and easier to cook. Raising general awareness by various means (information leaflets, shows, cookery demonstrations, etc.) helps people to understand the type of food behaviour that’s beneficial to the local economy, employment and even health, and take it on board. Educating people in the different regions about food means guiding them to the discovery of their unique culinary heritage. Below are some information sheets on implementing measures to raise awareness to good, fresh, local, seasonal produce.

Some successful local experiences:


Market gardening in Timmervik

Josefina Åkerlund is a market gardener in Timmervik on the west coast of Sweden. She produces vegetables, herb mixes, caramel, jam and honey using ecological

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