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Creating a gastronomic tour of local products to raise their profile

Bohuslän is one of Sweden’s 24 historic provinces, and since 2018 the BRA MAT LÄNGS E6 2.0 – Matvaägen Bohuslän project has been offering visitors an alternative to the usual service-station fare along the section of the E6 road that passes through the region, based on local products. The project is funded by the LEADER programme (Links between actions for the development of rural economy) incorporating a number of themed activities, and its ultimate aim is to “give travellers a unique local experience”.

The main objective is to promote the region’s food landscape by associating it with new technologies. The initiative has created a locally-connected network, resistant to the climate challenges, which is helping people lead a healthier lifestyle.

A selection of authentic, quality delicacies: 

The Bohuslän tourist office in southwest Sweden has created a gastronomic tour incorporating restaurants, cafes, micro-breweries, bakeries and local producers to promote the wealth of culinary offerings in the territory. This gastronomic tour is presented in the form of a map available for everyone to use on the Bohuslän tourist office website. The latest update was in 2018 and includes more than 50 new entries. 

The objective of the project is to assemble a strict selection of small producers from Bohuslän who all share the same sustainable development values and use genuine, fresh, quality produce that respects animal living conditions, to offer delicious culinary experiences. 

Come and discover for yourself the lamb, honey and blue mussels of Bohuslän!

Bohuslän food tour

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