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As a milk producer based in Normandy, Hubert Angot has explored every aspect of healthy, sustainable, local production over 30 years in the business. He sells some of his products directly on site, and in 2005 opened an organic shop at his farm in the Cotentin Marshes natural park.

In 1986, Hubert ANGOT took over the family business, at that time a 29-hectare cereal crop and dairy farm, half of which was on marshland. He had a herd of 40 cows, each of which produced around 7,000 litres of milk per year in an intensive system. In 1993, he decided to move towards sustainable farming methods by producing less corn and using less fertiliser. The experiment was successful and he changed his entire production to organic farming in 1998. He gave up growing cereal crops entirely and in 2005 built a hay dryer for the grass from his meadows. In 2008 he opened a processing plant. He uses his own milk in the plant – organic milk from cows fed exclusively on the grass from his meadows. Hubert and his wife Stéphanie produce cream, fromage blanc and yoghurt which are distributed mostly in the Cotentin area and mainly to colleges, high schools, community kitchens and organic stores.

In 2005, they set up an organic shop at the farm which is open to customers on Fridays and Saturdays, where they sell their own products and many other regional products direct to the public.


What’s special about your products?
Thanks to the hay dryer, all the cows are fed on hay all year round, which means the milk is of a consistent quality all year round. We’re also independent, so we know exactly what food the cows are eating. It’s a lot of work cutting the grass, but at least there’s no need for silage, and no baling.

How did you go about convincing people of the value of your products?
We’ve never done any advertising. When we first opened the farm shop, no one thought about it. Gradually, people who weren’t used to organic produce started to come, mothers wanting ingredients for baby food. We offer organic, local products at affordable prices.

Do you work with local school kitchens?
We deliver to local school canteens but sometimes it’s cheaper to deliver yoghurt to Paris than it is to make multiple deliveries of small quantities locally. What complicates things is the procurement contracts – they’re so complex, a lot of producers don’t bother. The specifications have to be drafted carefully, we have to divide them up because we’re not able to supply the whole range of dairy products, being only a small producer.

What’s your definition of a local product?
A local product is an item that’s produced and consumed within a geographically restricted area, and sold through a minimum of intermediaries.

M et Mme ANGOT
Le Bonheur dans le pré
Ferme du val Pépin
50390 St Sauveur Le Vicomte


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