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Define the local product

There is no clear and simple definition of “local product” that can be applied to the endless diversity of production, processing, marketing and distribution systems of local products in the European Union. The absence of an official definition is due to the notion of proximity, which can vary according to regions, products, and whether or not their processing is taken into account. Any national policy in favour of local supply is observed by the European Commission as a potential obstacle to the free movement of goods. However, European rules of free competition do not prevent a systemic approach focused on sustainable development and LOCALEAT initiates a reflection on this complex subject at local, national and European levels.

The objective of LOCALEAT project is not to draw up precise specifications or to create a label. The project partners have listed all the criteria to define a local product of high quality. Now it is up to each producer, craftsman and distributor to use this list to work towards healthier, more sustainable and more local food.

"A food produced within a limited geographical area and in accordance with defined agricultural and social practises. The local food product guarantees quality and know-how"

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Some successful local experiences:


Lait douceur de Normandie

The Lait Douceur de Normandie company was established in 1997 when Stéphanie LEBLOND, who comes from a family of farmers and producers of dairy products,

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