European culinary competition: the final

As part of the LOCALEAT cooperation project, the final of the European culinary competition was organised at the Cité des goûts et des saveurs on Wednesday 10 November, in Ploufragan (Brittany). 6 chefs competed on the theme of the “marriage of terroirs”.

For this event, the Pays de Saint-Brieuc was pleased to welcome 6 European chefs (1 Finnish, 2 Swedes, 1 Belgian and 1 Norman). After a selection process based on their files or after a local edition of the competition, 6 chefs were selected. They all share a culinary philosophy that is close to local products and their terroirs.

Visit the local market

Accompanied by Thierry Fegar from the Cité du goût, the 6 competitors went to the local market to choose the ingredients that would make up their dishes. This was an opportunity for them to meet local producers and artisans. A time to meet and to share.

Final of the Localeat culinary competition

The 6 candidates then had 2 hours to prepare 14 dishes. The local ingredients imposed for this edition were: scallops, buckwheat and apple. The participants were allowed to bring 4 ingredients typical of their regions/culinary philosophy to compose recipes that combined the different regions.

A European jury evaluated the dishes and awarded 3 prizes: The best combination of terroirs; The Hemingway (the best story); The most beautiful peelings.

Discover the competing chefs:

  1. Jens Hallberg for Sweden (Bohuskust)

Restaurant Epoque

  1. Dani Hänninen for Finland (Tuusula)

Restaurant Wellamo

  1. Jean-Jacques Monfort for France (Saint-Brieuc)

Restaurant Brut

  1. Evelyne Annet for Belgium (Haute Sûre)

Restaurant L’Etable d’Evelyne

  1. Thomas Ostovany for France (Cotentin)

Restaurant Auberge des Goubelins

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