Douces Prairies farm

At the Douces Prairies farm at Le Theil in the Manche region of Normandy, Sylvie and Laurent GROULT have been raising their herd of mainly Norman cattle using organic methods since 1998. Sylvie is in charge of processing some of the milk they produce into yoghurt, fromage blanc and other dairy products. Laurent’s job is to manage the cereal crops and various plots of grass. Their cows are fed exclusively on grass: pasture in summer and hay in winter. The hay is harvested over the summer and dried in the barn. They also have a well-stocked organic farm shop on site, selling mainly local products.

Certified organic produce from the farm includes beef, veal and dairy products.


La Ferme des douces prairies

7 Route de Barnavast

50330 Le Theil




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