Lait douceur de Normandie

The Lait Douceur de Normandie company was established in 1997 when Stéphanie LEBLOND, who comes from a family of farmers and producers of dairy products, started her own enterprise at the family farm and developed her first product – confiture de lait. This sweet caramel sauce was initially sold at markets, then direct from the farm and at delicatessens in La Manche region, and finally extended further into Normandy and beyond.

In 2007, Sylvie PHILIPPON joined the company specialising in the production of confiture de lait and confectionery; an enterprise with its own production centre and point of sale in an outbuilding at the farm, in a sector with no competitors. Tours are held regularly to showcase the manufacturing process used for the products on sale.

When the workshop became too small and cramped, the Lait Douceur company moved to larger premises in Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte in October 2012, where it was able to increase its production capacity, raise its profile and offer better reception facilities, for people with reduced mobility in particular.
They also used the opportunity to create a small chocolate workshop and invested in a chocolate coating machine to establish more autonomy and create other delicacies: marshmallows with confiture de lait, boiled sweets, a range of jams, calvados-based liqueurs and more.
In 2015, their Confiture de Lait won the silver medal at the Salon de l’Agriculture fair.

Their definition of a local product

“A local product is made with local ingredients or using local know-how (a recipe, for example). Every aspect from start to finish must be completed in the local area.”

Lait Douceur de Normandie
Ferme d’Auréville
24 route d’Auréville
50390 Saint Sauveur le Vicomte