Saumon de France

Founded in 1991, Saumon de France specialises in salmon farming. With a 15-hectare plot in the public maritime domain, this Cherbourg aquaculture farm is a unique facility: it’s the only farm in France that breeds Atlantic Salmon at sea. The operation is located in the bay of Cherbourg, where it’s protected by the sea wall; the salmon are bred in pure water at low density.

Swimming against the current and subjected to strong currents, Saumon de France salmon have more muscle and only half the fat of other salmon on the market. There is a processing and smoking workshop located nearby, where skilled artisans produce quality products.

Saumon de France also has an aquaponic greenhouse on site where trout are bred in symbiosis with plants.

Their definition of a local product

“For us, a local product is a product that is produced and processed in our own region or our own country, putting the spotlight on local know-how and having as little impact as possible on the environment.”

Saumon de France
Z.A Produimer
Rue port des Flamands – Tourlaville
50110 Cherbourg-en-Cotentin