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Supporting tourist initiatives

Eating and drinking are the first things visitors think of when they arrive in a new place, and in trying out the traditional local products they discover the local culture and new culinary sensations. Gastronomic tours and encounters with farmers and food processing workshops are a few ways of forming an attachment to a region and the people who live there, and they are becoming increasingly popular. So how do you introduce local products into the tourist experience? How do you develop tourism around quality local products? LOCALEAT suggests a few recipes suitable for group catering and gastronomic tours, and offers some corporate success stories on inviting visitors into a place of work.

Some successful local experiences:


Théo Capelle’s cider house

Théo Capelle’s cider house and distillery at Sotteville in Normandy is all about authenticity, tradition, discovery and the taste of good things. The cider house

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