Scary Seafood – showcasing the abundance of local seafood

Coastal areas and ocean floors are still relatively unknown The west of Sweden is a unique collaborative environment for the development of knowledge, innovation and growth in the domain of the blue economy (fishing, transport, tourism, etc.). ‘Scary Seafood ’ is a project coordinated by the Department of Marine Sciences at the University of Göteborg; the […]

Hällestad mushrooms

Launched 30 years ago as a complementary activity to livestock rearing, Hällestad mushroom cultivation in Skåne, Sweden, has since acquired a worldwide reputation. A total of 14 varieties of mushroom are cultivated using organic farming methods, and picked by hand. Raw or marinated, Hällestad mushrooms feature in the ingredients lists for many national and international […]

Saumon de France

Founded in 1991, Saumon de France specialises in salmon farming. With a 15-hectare plot in the public maritime domain, this Cherbourg aquaculture farm is a unique facility: it’s the only farm in France that breeds Atlantic Salmon at sea. The operation is located in the bay of Cherbourg, where it’s protected by the sea wall; […]

The artisanal cheese dairy of Vaumadeuc

It was in 1987 that Jean-François and Marie-Paule Lévêque took over the Vaumadeuc farm from their parents and grandparents. Quickly, they realize that the evolution of the profession of peasants requires complementing the traditional activity of Vaumadeuc. The idea of ​​adding value to the milk produced on site comes to them during a stay in […]