Knehtilä farm: a model of real sustainability in food and energy production

It is imperative that food production adapts to the enormous challenges we face now and going forward, to enable society to develop resilience and sustainability; the European Union is resolute on this and has endorsed its position with the Green Deal. It is essential, therefore, that European agricultural models evolve. Knehtilä farm in Finland is at the […]

Kleymmings oysters

In the Grebbestad archipelago off the west coast of Sweden, the Klemmings Oysters company handles two types of oyster: the flat European oyster and the cupped Pacific oyster. Klemmings Oysters has a concession which allows harvesting from the shore between September and June, diving to depths of 15 meters. They supply restaurants and also organise […]

Jukka Lassila’s organic farm

Jukka Lassila is a farmer in the village of Paijala in Tuusula, Finland. The farm has been organic since 1998. The bulk of the production comes from oilseed, pulse and cereal fields. There is also a chicken farm. All processed products of the farm are delivered to organic shops or directly to consumers via cooperatives. […]

Hand-picking at the farm

Marjo Paakki grows vegetables and rears sheep at Lammaskallio’s farm in Tuusula, Finland, using organic farming methods. Marjo does everything she can to promote the quality of her produce; she invites her customers to pick their own produce and has also opened a shop and a café at the farm. And since fresh produce is […]

Transition to agro-ecology

Installing solar panels, converting to organic farming and using cow manure for fertiliser, Ronny Anderson is doing everything possible to accomplish the transition to agro-ecology. On his farm in Harlösa (Lundaland, Sweden), he grows oats, wheat, rye, broad beans, malting barley and white clover, and also provides seeds for the Svalbard World Seed Vault in […]

Guernion brothers

In 1991 Bertrand Guernion and his brother, partners in the GAEC des Villes Marottes – a collective farming group in Hillion, Brittany – set out to rear pigs from birth to slaughter without the use of antibiotics or GMOs. It involved a great deal of work with scientists to perfect the breeding techniques before the […]