Create a foodtour to showcase local products

Since 2018, the “BRA MAT LÄNGS E6 2.0 – Matvägen Bohuslän“ project aims to offer travellers in Bohuslän, one of Sweden’s 24 historic provinces, an alternative to the food at petrol stations, based on local products along the section of the E6 road crossing the territory. This project, financed by the LEADER programme (in french […]

Théo Capelle’s cider house

Théo Capelle’s cider house and distillery at Sotteville in Normandy is all about authenticity, tradition, discovery and the taste of good things. The cider house opens its doors to visitors every day for talks on apples, cider, calvados and the work they do here. Visitors are invited to sample the products, including liqueurs and non-alcoholic […]