Support for community-focused, family agriculture that respects the environment – that’s what Voisins de Paniers offers!

A simple, fair, community approach that’s profitable for all

To save customers the trouble of going to large supermarkets, the Voisins de Paniers association (Neighbourhood Hampers), based at Trédaniel in the Côtes d’Armor in Brittany, has been offering a varied range of products via its website voisinsdepaniers.org since 2004. By making these products accessible to as many people as possible they are able to support local producers in their eco-friendly, sustainable approach to farming. Voisins de Paniers products are not all organic, but they are all top quality, seasonal and contain no GMOs.

An equitable price is set for customers to ensure producers receive fair remuneration for their work; this way at least 87% of the amount paid goes directly to the producers, and a maximum of 13% is subtracted for essential network administration. 

There are three easy steps to place an order:

  1. Register free with the association’s website at voisinsdepaniers.org
  2. Choose your products from the weekly list
  3. Collect your hamper on Friday from the depot nearest your home


Voisins de Paniers offers a range of products, passing customer orders direct to producers who assemble the orders and distribute them in hampers on a weekly basis via neighbourhood depots. 

This means there are no middlemen to take any significant margin. Payment is by cheque only, on receipt of the hamper.

As well as placing regular orders, there are other ways of getting involved for anyone who’s interested. Voisins de Paniers relies on the committed involvement of its members and volunteers. The hampers are transported direct by the association to collection points.

Volunteers are invited to occupy regular positions at certain collection points, despatch hampers, paint crates, man the stand at trade shows, or sit on the board of directors.

Voisins de Paniers opens up the way to a new consumer experience and promotes the products and players in the local area.

In a nutshell

“There are other ways to shop! Shopping is a community affair!”

Place du Cèdre

22510 Trédaniel



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